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Limitless The Movie

If you havent already watched limitless the movie get off your backside and get to the movies or video stores and rent it right now. This film shows the potential of brain hacking the new way in which people use drugs to enhance physical and mental strength believe me what is shown on the movie can be done but obviously in much less powerful way it is the movies after all and they have a habit of sexing things up for your pleasure.

The movie is based around a tired writer who seems to be depressed like most writers I have met who stumbles upon his ex wifes brother who has access to one of the most powerful drugs known to man this drug enhances brain and body function in such a way that he is able to outhink and out perform everyone he has ever known and meets.

Obviously these new found powers come with dnagers and the drugs with side effects but to find out the rest you just have to watch the movie.

Regardless to say to say this movie is one of the most moviating fiilms I have watched this year and I will be posting reviews of supplements that help to enhance brain and body power okay we probably wont get the results our friend in the movie has got but even a 10% improvement puts you ahead of the population as a whole.



Holy Basil By Swanson – possible the best supplement I have ever tried

I recently ordered a supplement from a very cheap looking company and boy was I in for a surprise let me first explain why I bought from them when I normally go for more expensive brands of supplement. I was looking for Basil which I heard is exceptional for after workout cortisol I tried L-thenaine and had some luck but not consistent especially depending on the pre workout supplement I had taken at the time.

Well boy was I in for a surprise after ordering the supplement arrived with a somewhat ordinary looking label and packaging hmm first impressions werent good but as I have learned packaging isnt everything and besides I was paying for the supplement and not the packaging.

I took a capsule and within 20 minutes I felt like I have never ever felt before in my entire life I felt GOOD so good in fact I rested like I havent done in months that very afternoon. Swanson has won me over and any body builders or people who have high cortisol and stress or anxiety linked to diet or excessive caffeine use need to get only and try the full spectrum basil by this company you will be surprised pleasantly I would as far as to say this is one of the most effective supplements I have ever taken in my life and the fact it worked so quickly speaks volumes for this company.

Regardless to say I will be trying A LOT more of this companies upplements because if these capsules work this well I am hoping the rest will replace what I use at the moment which I will be discussing later on in this blog.

If any of you guys have experience with supplements from Swanson or any company which isnt highly marjeted but provides a high quality product please do give me a shout.

Chewing Gum Miracle Cure For Almost All Digestive Ailments

When ever you eat with family nowadays be mindful to watch for the way in which our eating habits have changed over the last 15 years or so before the era of mobile telephones and the internet, plus 100 tv channels and a multimedia centre in every room.

Never in history have we had it so good as we have it today in terms of luxury and technology how ever there is always a pay off to be had for lifes luxuries. Pne of the major pay offs is the fact our dogestive systems are all over the place we just dont take the time to relax and chew and digets a meal throoughty whether its answering the phone or watching the latest tv show on the box. Years of bad meal habits takes a toll and the body cant extract the nutrients it needs to keep us alive and for vital repair especilly if you exercise regularly.

There is a miracle way to improve these symptoms and problems caused by years of bad meal habits and the first sloution is to chew gum just before or after undertaking a lrage eal which helps the body prodcue the acids it requires to digest the meal you are eating or have eaten the significance of this cannot be underrated for long term health and happiness.

After a few weeks your gut should be able to handle the food you eat and extract nutrients required the importance of this strategy cannot be underestimated and you should google chewing gum health benefits to see what other beenfits it can confer on your health.