Dht you need it more than you think

The supplement industry is in no doubt in collusion to turn all men into bitches the reason for this is every site I visit they are painting dht as a hormone that is evil that needs to be removed from the body it is being blamed for everything from baldness to the starting the first world war frankly it’s a joke and needs to be put to bed.
The myth of dht being bad for us is an evil rumour that needs to be stopped today.
When anybody posts this information anywhere supplement company cronies jump on the bandwagon instantly to discredit the poster from calling him crazy to threats.
Do why would people do this quote simply the right information applied acbd spread will put numerous snake oil or snake supplement companies out of business and I Willie revealing all of the facts in upcoming posts folks knowledge is power and the right knowledge will make you a living god.


About RichardHealthFreak

I am a early thirties health fanatic from yoga to body building I relish learning new workouts and trying new regimes and health products. I test everything form workout supplements and nutrition. I love sprts and have spend near enough 10 years building my perfect body.

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