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Limitless The Movie

If you havent already watched limitless the movie get off your backside and get to the movies or video stores and rent it right now. This film shows the potential of brain hacking the new way in which people use drugs to enhance physical and mental strength believe me what is shown on the movie can be done but obviously in much less powerful way it is the movies after all and they have a habit of sexing things up for your pleasure.

The movie is based around a tired writer who seems to be depressed like most writers I have met who stumbles upon his ex wifes brother who has access to one of the most powerful drugs known to man this drug enhances brain and body function in such a way that he is able to outhink and out perform everyone he has ever known and meets.

Obviously these new found powers come with dnagers and the drugs with side effects but to find out the rest you just have to watch the movie.

Regardless to say to say this movie is one of the most moviating fiilms I have watched this year and I will be posting reviews of supplements that help to enhance brain and body power okay we probably wont get the results our friend in the movie has got but even a 10% improvement puts you ahead of the population as a whole.