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Holy Basil By Swanson – possible the best supplement I have ever tried

I recently ordered a supplement from a very cheap looking company and boy was I in for a surprise let me first explain why I bought from them when I normally go for more expensive brands of supplement. I was looking for Basil which I heard is exceptional for after workout cortisol I tried L-thenaine and had some luck but not consistent especially depending on the pre workout supplement I had taken at the time.

Well boy was I in for a surprise after ordering the supplement arrived with a somewhat ordinary looking label and packaging hmm first impressions werent good but as I have learned packaging isnt everything and besides I was paying for the supplement and not the packaging.

I took a capsule and within 20 minutes I felt like I have never ever felt before in my entire life I felt GOOD so good in fact I rested like I havent done in months that very afternoon. Swanson has won me over and any body builders or people who have high cortisol and stress or anxiety linked to diet or excessive caffeine use need to get only and try the full spectrum basil by this company you will be surprised pleasantly I would as far as to say this is one of the most effective supplements I have ever taken in my life and the fact it worked so quickly speaks volumes for this company.

Regardless to say I will be trying A LOT more of this companies upplements because if these capsules work this well I am hoping the rest will replace what I use at the moment which I will be discussing later on in this blog.

If any of you guys have experience with supplements from Swanson or any company which isnt highly marjeted but provides a high quality product please do give me a shout.


Lean Degree by PHD Nutrition Part 1

PHD supplements has always been close to my heart because they are the first companies line of sports nutrition products I ever tried a few years ago when I got interested in sports and training. I remember the first product I ever bought was their whey powder which as I hadnt tried anything else was exceptional only later did I learn that all protein powders are not the same.

Anyway as I have a little weight to lose I bought lean degree as a part of an offer with a protein powder last year but never tried it I have bought fat burners in the past such as maximuscles etc but will write about them later on some time.

Anyway lean degree is a supplement that really really surprised me in more ways than one and cortisol or stress response is the major reason I have come to love this set of tablets.

At first I stacked (more than one supplement) lean degree with an iforce product this week which was a range of their prewprkout but I got a twinge in my liver which I put down to lean degree so what I did was split lean degree and the pre workout by iforce and learned it may have been down to mixing them together but as far as taking them seperatly I have been fine.

So I took two capsules of lean degree before a morning cardio routine I have just started and the feeling you get from lean degree kills all other fat burners for the simple fact you feel so focused it doesnt give you any anxiety or overheat you but what I certainly did notice was the need to urinate which I put down to the diuretic in the product.

After looking at the ingrediants it is very clear these guys know their stuff and the doses are just right for example they are very careful about using too much of any ingreiant so everything seems to work in synergy. The reason I say this is I have taken green tea suppllenets and companies just load them up with the cheaper ingrediants and you dont get the feeling I got with this supplement. As for fat burning I will be keeping a log along with all of my other supplements on this site for you I have taken a lot of supplements in the past and will post pictures of my collection it is somewhat of an obsession of mine.

The reason I feel PHD have done a careful job of formulating their products is they are a UK company and so have to be very very careful with consumer feedback becase if even one problem is found the UK authorities come down very very hard and could potentially pull all products that is why supplements that are manufactured int he UK are put thrugh a much more rigourous testing process.