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1 m.r my DS Craze replacement

I have just ordered my latest pre workout which is 1 m.r because DS craze has sadly stopped being distributed unless you want to pay a premium for it from the last few tubs available. So why am I trying 1 m.r quite simply it is a pre workout I have used in the past and it made me feel great so to make sure it is not down to my diet at the time I am going to experiment with it again and see how it goes down in the next few weeks even though Christmas is upon us I will still attempt to give it a try.


Diets do work but only if you follow them

There are huge amounts of websites slating the latest fad diets and slandering existing ones that have been around for ages but I feel they are wrong in their opinion as if it hasn’t worked for the author of these blogs or articles it doesn’t mean that diets do not work and I have a theory as to why this may be the case.

Food and diet companies have mega budgets to push their particular brand of product or approach so when a competitor comes along that threatens their business or control then inevitably they will attack using every marketing trick in the book which leaves people confused sad and angry and doubting any method they try to gain control of their health.

There is a  solution to this and this is to take an approach that feels right to you and try it as instructed as I find the reason that diets fail in people I see is simply will power and the time it takes to adopt new habits. 

In the following months I will be highlighting some amazing information and blogs that I feel will help anybody lose a few pounds although results are based on your individual lifestyle choices and approaches to nutrition and exercise.

Yoh! WTF? Removing saturated fats from diets has made heart disease risk higher, not lower: U.K. cardiology expert

I vouch for this I feel fantastic after reintroducing butter into my diet

Yoh! WTF?

Removing saturated fats from diets has made heart disease risk higher, not lower: U.K. cardiology expert.

Yoh! WTF? I remember when eggs was the food that everyone should avoid and when we were told that butter was really, really bad for you. The list goes on and on – when all we need is moderation in our diet and daily exercise. Some years we’re told avoid this and when we do, then we’re told it was all a mistake to avoid it as much as we have been. Yoh! WTF?

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Dang! I missed my workout – again!

Come on man a day leads to a week to a fortnight and so on

100 Pounds in 1 Year

62 pounds lost so farI’m crashed on the couch, and it’s not the good kind of crash.  The cushions lack that indulgent give I enjoy after a tough workout.  Instead, the weak squish reminds me of the laziness I sense inside.  I’ve fought to avoid this feeling most my life.  This limpness of will saps my energy.  I’m too tired to exercise but too desperate to be OK with it.  I want a rest, from both my lethargy and the guilt of missing yet another workout.

Fact:  I don’t always feel like exercising
“I’m just too tired today,” I tell myself as I roll onto my other side to quiet the gnaw at my lower back.  My exhaustion makes sense.  Forty years have escorted me to the other shore of life, and I’m ramping down into peri-menopause.  Hormones are ebbing.  Energy is waning.  Plus, since I manage Bi-Polar disorder, it’s taken a few months…

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DS Craze WOW is all I can say

I have just recently started taking DS craze the pre workout and it blew my mind I am researching whether it is safe because something this amazing must have some side effects if it doesnt it is the KING of supplements I hope the effects dont wear off after prlonged use.

Post workout beer

I know it sounds strange but I have been drinking beer postworkout to stop cortisol destroying my muscle (dont try this at home) I dont know if its working yet but it feels real good anyway here is alink to an interesting article I found on the subject

Beer is good

Steve Jobs Dies

I was very sad to hear that the ceo fo Apple Steve Jobs dies today of pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs brought us the ipad iphone and ipod which have no doubt changed the lives of millions of people around the worls. Although it has been known he was ill for quite some time this came as an unexpected shock to everyone my condolences are with his family and friends.

Protein powder link to depression

Apparently if you isolate amino acids from dairy which ate supposed to work in synergy they throw off your neurotransmitters now I am no doctor but it makes complete sense that nature is perfect and its when you start screwing with it you always get problems I will dig further into this.

Quit green tea and protein

I will never be taking green tea extracts and protein together again ever I had liver numbers done and everything was fine bit as soon as I took any supplemental with green tea and I tried a few with protein pain started I looked into this online and I am by no means the only one facing these issues I feel these extracts need to be investigated further to see long term potential damage in humans.

Green tea extract and liver twinges

Despite what supplement companies and natural moralists tell you there are side effects with supplements and I have had a few. My worst experience to date is with large amounts of green tea extract which gave me liver pains I tried a different supplement but it was the same I advise anyone looking to start a serious workout regime to get a balanced opinion of the supplement you will be taking and also a second opinion off a doctor.
That aside I can tell you that if it wasn’t for supplements I wouldn’t look or feel half as good as I do and they are vital for highly stressed people and people who are eating a sub optimal diet as most of the UK and the usa are.