DS Craze Banned WTF

I have heard rumors on the internet that DS Craze is being banned as it has a substance the fda do not like. All I can say is WTF id happening in the health industry where every supplement that seems to be effective for us mere mortals is being banned the hypocrisy and jealousy between industry professionals never ceases to amaze me. The supplement in question is just one of many that are getting the boot and the fact that most of these compounds cannot be patented by large companies makes the companies that do discover these novel compounds targets of law suits and other such devices of greed.

I say that driven sports should fight this nail and tooth and get as much coverage as possible for this cause as how long can we as consumers be told what we can and cannot take for our exercise.

I would love to hear your opinions on what else is available on the market that is even in the same league as DS Craze because I need a new pre workout.



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