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Minor dehydration maybe the cause of all of your health problems

Do you drink pre workout drinks tea coffee or cola did you know that dehydration is epidemic in western countries with the excess salt in adult and childrens diets our kidneys find it difficult to cope with all of this excess sodium and dehydrating drinks we consume daily. Symptoms such as migraine, weight gain, depression and insomnia could just be a sign of poor hydration but before you reach for those bottles of water be aware that you should rehydrate very very slowly and make sure you use an electolyte drink with pottasium or sodium in there.

The reason I posted this thread is when I was overweight I started drinking more bottled water as a suggestion with low mineral content and most of my weight just dropped of I feel this was due to a combinsation of washing the excess sodium out of my body and signalling the body that I was getting enough water so my body retained less which I heard is due to the bodies built in mechanism during periods of drought to hold onto excess water for emergency use.

Your brain needs a lot of water and considering we are more that 85% water it makes good sense to replace that stagnant water our bodies hold onto with something better for our health.

So start sipping clean water throughout the day and see if that makes a difference after a few weeks I would love to hear your rehydration stories about this subject.