Diets do work but only if you follow them

There are huge amounts of websites slating the latest fad diets and slandering existing ones that have been around for ages but I feel they are wrong in their opinion as if it hasn’t worked for the author of these blogs or articles it doesn’t mean that diets do not work and I have a theory as to why this may be the case.

Food and diet companies have mega budgets to push their particular brand of product or approach so when a competitor comes along that threatens their business or control then inevitably they will attack using every marketing trick in the book which leaves people confused sad and angry and doubting any method they try to gain control of their health.

There is a  solution to this and this is to take an approach that feels right to you and try it as instructed as I find the reason that diets fail in people I see is simply will power and the time it takes to adopt new habits. 

In the following months I will be highlighting some amazing information and blogs that I feel will help anybody lose a few pounds although results are based on your individual lifestyle choices and approaches to nutrition and exercise.


About RichardHealthFreak

I am a early thirties health fanatic from yoga to body building I relish learning new workouts and trying new regimes and health products. I test everything form workout supplements and nutrition. I love sprts and have spend near enough 10 years building my perfect body.

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